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What kinds of ultraviolet germicidal lamps are there?

2022.09.30 Edit: Juguang Read:8720

The ultraviolet germicidal lamp has the same luminous principle as the fluorescent lamp. The mercury atoms in the lamp tube are excited to produce the characteristic spectral lines of mercury. The luminous spectral lines of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp mainly include 254nm and 185nm. The ultraviolet germicidal lamp tube is made of violet glass or quartz glass, so that ultraviolet light can be transmitted through the lamp tube.

Ultraviolet light with 254nm wavelength can be easily absorbed by objects and acts on DNA, the genetic material of organisms, causing DNA damage and bacterial death. The interaction of 185 nm ultraviolet light with the air can produce ozone with strong oxidation, which can change O2 in the air into O3 (ozone). Ozone has strong oxidation, which can effectively kill bacteria. The dispersion of ozone can just make up for the shortcomings of ultraviolet light that only travels along a straight line and disinfection has dead angles, killing bacteria and viruses in a short time.