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What are the effects of ultraviolet germicidal lamp on us in life

2022.09.30 Edit: Juguang Read:3136

What are the effects of ultraviolet germicidal lamp on us in life? In fact, the ultraviolet germicidal lamp can be mainly used for indoor germicidal disinfection in families.

The appearance of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp is similar to that of the fluorescent lamp, and there is no obvious warning sign on the product. As a result, some family members do not realize the use hazard of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp after purchasing it.

Ultraviolet germicidal lamp is the invisible killer of eyes. The irradiation of ultraviolet germicidal lamp will cause conjunctival and corneal inflammation, cataract and other diseases. For the small ultraviolet lamps used to kill mosquitoes in some restaurants and families, their luminous principle is different from that of ultraviolet disinfection lamps, so you don't need to worry.

After the exposed skin is irradiated by this type of ultraviolet lamp, the light person will appear redness, itching and scaling; In severe cases, sunburn or solar keratosis may occur, and even lead to skin tumors and canceration. Ultraviolet rays can also destroy human skin cells and make skin age prematurely. Ultraviolet germicidal lamp uses the ultraviolet ray emitted by the mercury lamp to achieve the function of sterilization and disinfection. It emits large ultraviolet energy. If effective protective measures are not taken, it is very easy to cause great harm to the human body.

The ultraviolet germicidal lamp originally belongs to medical and food industries and sterilization appliances, but now it has gradually entered various public places and families. In order to seek benefits, businesses often do not clearly show the harm of ultraviolet germicidal lamps, which often leads to consumers' lack of awareness of the harm of ultraviolet germicidal lamps, leading to frequent injuries such as poisoning of ultraviolet germicidal lamps.

Be careful when using ultraviolet lamp for disinfection. If there are severe patients such as leukemia at home who need a relatively sterile environment, they can purchase an ultraviolet disinfection lamp to sterilize their home.