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Plasma air purification sterilizer / Wall type /


Product Introduction

This product is a newly developed plasma air sterilizer with disinfection and purification, and also has the air detection function. The machine is composed of a shell, a silent volute fan, a plasma component, an air sensor and an air filter screen; The low-temperature plasma generated is a high-frequency glow corona discharge plasma under atmospheric conditions. Using high-frequency high-voltage positive pulse voltage, a large range of stable discharge plasma is generated around the sawtooth electrode, forming the plasma immersion effect. During operation, the fan will deliver indoor air to the man machine, and then enter the "air discharge plasma" area after dust removal and particulate removal through the filter screen. High energy "air discharge plasma" Rapid penetration and destruction of the bacterial wall. Enough high-speed particles will penetrate the porous cell wall, penetrate into the cell, destroy the cell electrolyte, and cause cell death. During the production of plasma, due to glow discharge, active substances such as ultraviolet light, ozone, active oxygen, hydrogen and oxygen free radicals can be released. On the one hand, it directly participates in disinfection, and on the other hand, it reacts with some substances in the air, which turns harmful substances into harmless substances, such as formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, etc.

Product Features

• Plasma purification and disinfection, green and environment-friendly, can be used in the environment where man and machine coexist, without damage to people and objects, and without secondary pollution to the environment; The negative ions clean the air, which is conducive to human health;

• The product integrates disinfection and purification, and has the efficacy of sterilization and decomposition of harmful gases;

• The machine has adjustable high, medium and low wind speed, and can remember the user's set value;

• Intelligent control: there are three working modes: [manual normally open], [manual timing] and [programmed timing]; [Program control timing] Automatic disinfection mode, which can be preset for 6 periods, and the shortest time for opening and closing is 30 minutes; Automatically run according to the preset time every day and count it into the next running time;

• The machine is equipped with high-efficiency filter screen and activated carbon filter screen, which can remove PM2.5, formaldehyde, TVOC, benzene and other harmful substances in the air;

• The air sensor can detect the air in the room.

Scope of Application

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