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UV air disinfector / Wall type /


Product Introduction

The ultraviolet air disinfector is beautiful in appearance and portable. It can be used in an occupied environment. It is applicable to the situation of one machine with multiple rooms. At the same time, it can be disinfected by ozone plus ultraviolet rays. It can be disinfected without dead corners when no one is around.

Product Features

• Man machine coexistence, which can be continuously disinfected with or without people;

• Dynamic and static, ozone can be turned on for collaborative sterilization in unmanned places;

• Dual filtration with primary efficiency and high efficiency filter screen;

• Long life, high intensity ultraviolet sterilization, tasteless, radiation free and corrosion free equipment during disinfection;

• It is easy to use and can be switched on and off automatically every day after the programmed time is set;

• Safe and reliable, with built-in detection function, it can detect the intensity, quality and accumulated working time of the lamp tube to ensure the disinfection effect;

• The activated carbon membrane can remove the odor, and the negative oxygen ion can clean the air;

• Program controlled timed automatic disinfection mode (6 time periods can be preset, and the shortest time for opening and closing is 30 minutes).

Scope of Application

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