Ceiling type

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Upper flatted UV air disinfector / Ceiling type /


Product Introduction

The ceiling type upper level flat radiation ultraviolet air disinfection device "is a new type of ultraviolet air disinfection equipment developed by our company. It is a professional comprehensive medical air disinfection device for ultraviolet upper level disinfection.

This product is equipped with a specially designed ultraviolet lamp tube, which is made of German high reflective mirror material to produce an ultraviolet flat reflector, with doubled strength. The upper sterilizer is installed on the ceiling, forming a flat radiation layer on the upper part of the room. By using the Natural convection effect of indoor air, when the bacteria floating and dispersed in the air rise to the UV flat radiation layer, they will be quickly killed. Due to the lack of circulating air, it can effectively prevent the spread of bacteria caused by circulating air.

Product Features


High energy ultraviolet upper layer flat beam active and passive disinfection, fast and efficient;

Remote controlled timed operation, convenient and fast;

The entire machine is lightweight and suitable for direct and quick installation on multiple types of ceilings.


Non circulating air sterilization reduces bacterial dispersion and is safer;

Within the specified time, the killing rate of Staphylococcus aureus is ≥ 99.9%;

The safe height is within 2.1 meters perpendicular to the ground.

【Mute】:No circulating air operation, static ultraviolet upper layer flat radiation sterilization, super silent!

Scope of Application

Suitable for indoor air disinfection in all major primary and secondary schools, office buildings, wards, outpatient halls, nursing homes, shopping malls, and other places with or without occupants.

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