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Discussion on disinfection mechanism of medical plasma air disinfector

2022.09.30 Edit: Juguang Read:1

As for the mechanism of the plasma air sterilizer, there is no unified conclusion at present, but according to various hypotheses about the mechanism emerged in the experiment, it can be summarized into the following three types in terms of physics and chemistry:

1. Functions of active groups: The plasma contains a large number of active oxygen ions, high-energy free groups and other components, which are very easy to react with bacteria, molds, spores, viruses, proteins and nucleic acids, which can destroy microorganisms and disrupt the survival function of microorganisms, causing the death of all kinds of microorganisms.

2. High speed particle breakdown effect: after the sterilization experiment, the images of bacteria and virus particles after the plasma action were observed by electron microscope, showing a thousand sores and a hundred holes. This is caused by the breakdown etching effect produced by electrons and ions with high kinetic energy, that is, the high speed particles in the plasma break the chemical bonds of microbial molecules, and finally generate volatile compounds such as COx, CHx, etc.

3. The role of ultraviolet light: in the process of exciting substances to form plasma, part of ultraviolet light is generated. This high-energy ultraviolet photon is absorbed by microorganisms or proteins in viruses, which directly destroys the genetic material of microorganisms, causing their molecular denaturation and inactivation. The results showed that in a single gas, the bactericidal effects of gas on bacterial spores were different, and the bactericidal effects were O2, CO2, H2, Ar and N2; However, when plasma is excited by mixed gas, its germicidal efficacy is often better than that of a single neutral gas.

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