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  • Talking about two major factors of the necessary bed unit sterilizer in hospital

Talking about two major factors of the necessary bed unit sterilizer in hospital

2022.09.30 Edit: Juguang Read:3238

According to the current situation of hospitals, there are two factors for hospitals to configure bed unit disinfectors.
Bed unit sterilizer

1、 The new edition of 2012 Sterilization Technical Specifications, "10.3.4 The quilt core, pillow core, mattress, sickbed curtain, mattress, etc. indirectly contacting patients should be cleaned and disinfected regularly; in case of pollution, they should be replaced, cleaned and disinfected in a timely manner. The above items after use should be subject to final disinfection, and the disinfection method should be legal and effective. Their use methods and precautions should follow the product instructions, or according to medical treatment Waste disposal. "

2、 The actual situation of the hospital is:

    1). There is no place exposed to the sun (the ward has no connecting balcony. If there is one, it will be on the top of the building on more than ten floors. No one has ever been there. It seems unsafe.) Moreover, it is also a waste of manpower to move the huge mattress downstairs, and the health workers are limited.

    2). There are only mobile disinfectors and no bed unit disinfectors. The warehouse is very small and mattresses are stacked.

    3). The hospital bed turnover rate is high. Often one patient has not been discharged from hospital, and the next patient is waiting.

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