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Hospital Bedding Disinfector

2022.09.30 Edit: Juguang Read:4459

We all know that in the daily business activities of the hospital, the sheets, bedding, pillow core and pillow cases of inpatients must always be subject to terminal disinfection. General hospitals will use disinfectants to clean the quilt covers and sheets, and sterilize the cotton padded quilts in the sun. However, these are more traditional sterilization methods. First of all, they are backward, ineffective, and a great waste of time. They are also restricted by objective factors such as weather. Therefore, they have a great impact on the turnover and reuse of sheets and bedding. The birth of bed unit sterilizer solved this embarrassing problem for hospitals.

The efficiency of the bed unit sterilizer has improved the utilization rate of the hospital's bed covers, helping the hospital to save manpower and material resources to the greatest extent. Now as long as a bed unit ozone disinfection machine can complete all these tasks, and the cost is just the money of a disinfection machine.

With the bed unit sterilizer, this situation has been greatly improved. The bed unit sterilizer can thoroughly kill viruses by making use of the strong penetrability of ozone gas, and this bed unit sterilizer can be protected from the influence of weather, and can be used 24 hours a day to kill viruses. It can be sterilized in large quantities at one time, which greatly improves the use efficiency of hospital quilts and sheets.