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Special purpose for disinfection of hospital supply room - plasma air sterilizer

2022.09.30 Edit: Juguang Read:3328

The supply room is the supply unit of various sterile articles in the hospital, which is responsible for the cleaning, packaging, disinfection and supply of medical equipment. Therefore, the supply room is a place where disinfection is particularly important in hospitals. If the disinfection work in the supply room is not in place, it is easy to directly cause secondary infection of patients or other diseases. Therefore, it is very important to disinfect the supply room.

So what are the means for disinfection in the supply room? The traditional economical means are ultraviolet irradiation and medical ozone disinfectors. The ultraviolet disinfection lamp is generally used to disinfect and sterilize articles in a short distance after the instruments are cleaned, disinfected and dried. However, this disinfection method has no safety guarantee for the staff. The ultraviolet disinfection lamp is very easy to hurt people, and has limitations in disinfection. It is difficult to kill the bacteria on the backlight of articles, It is only to kill bacteria and viruses on the surface of the object, and it is also a heavy workload for medical staff. At present, this disinfection method has basically been eliminated. The medical ozone sterilizer uses ozone gas for disinfection and sterilization. Because the gas permeability is stronger than the light, this method is more thorough than ultraviolet irradiation, and the workload is also small. However, the medical ozone sterilizer has a major disadvantage, that is, the staff must leave the site during disinfection, and after disinfection, they need to wait at least half an hour before entering. At the same time, ozone is a strong oxidant, which has a strong corrosive effect on metal instruments and other items, Long term use will greatly reduce the service life of supply room equipment and disinfectants. Therefore, this ozone disinfection method is gradually not recognized by hospitals.

So what kind of disinfection and sterilization equipment should be configured in the supply room now? Here Juguang Technology recommends a medical plasma air disinfector, a multifunctional medical air disinfector with built-in plasma electric field, ultraviolet disinfection, negative ion generator, and photocatalyst activated carbon filtering. The disinfection method of this supply room should be the most advanced disinfection technology at home and abroad. The disinfection and sterilization is complete, leaving no dead corner, and will not cause secondary pollution. Another major advantage is the coexistence of human and machine, During disinfection, the staff can work indoors with ease. In addition to conventional disinfection and sterilization, it also has the function of dust removal, odor removal, fresh air purification, and powerful functions. It is the best choice for disinfection and sterilization in the supply room. However, the effect of the plasma air disinfector relative to the ultraviolet ray must be stronger than him. After all, he uses the circulating air to sterilize, and the indoor air is sterilized by convection. However, compared with ozone, the effect is slightly inferior. After all, the chemical disinfection method used by ozone has a strong oxidizing effect on sterilization, but the large air volume of the plasma air sterilizer can completely ignore this weakness.

Jiangsu Juguang Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. developed and produced a series of UV air disinfectors, disinfection vehicles, lamp racks and other products based on the UV disinfection lamp as the core. They have strong functions, multiple varieties, and stable quality. They are used in hospitals, families, schools, government institutions, and public places. The annual output and sales of air disinfectors reach more than 10000 sets. The company's products have been continuously improved in variety, output, and quality, It is well received by users at home and abroad.