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How to ensure the effect of ultraviolet sterilization

2022.09.30 Edit: Juguang Read:2790

Nowadays, more and more places begin to use germicidal lamps, but many people do not know what its principle is? It is mainly because the special lamp can emit strong ultraviolet light when it is on. In this case, how can we ensure the function of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp? This is very important. If we can grasp this knowledge, we can play a more powerful role.

First, it is very important to avoid dirt on the surface when installing bulbs. Because the dirt on the surface may lead to no way for ultraviolet radiation to come out, or to a certain extent, it is necessary to clean the bulb, and regular cleaning can play a more effective role.  

Second, pay more attention to the maintenance of the ultraviolet germicidal lamp at ordinary times to prevent the effect that the quartz part can radiate, and fully ensure that there is no effect in the use process. When necessary, it is the most important link to observe whether the long-term effect can be maintained!