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Plasma air sterilizer / Wall type /


Product Introduction

This machine is composed of air filter, silent fan and electric field generating plasma. The low-temperature plasma generated is high-frequency glow corona discharge plasma under atmospheric conditions. Using high frequency and high voltage positive pulse voltage, a large range of stable discharge plasma is generated around the sawtooth electrode, forming the plasma immersion effect.

When working, the quiet fan sends indoor air into the machine. First, it filters dust particles and various foreign matters through the filter screen, and then enters the "air discharge plasma" area. The high-energy "air discharge plasma" quickly penetrates and destroys the bacterial wall. Enough high-speed particles will penetrate the porous cell wall, penetrate into the cell, destroy the cell electrolyte, and cause cell death. In the process of plasma production, due to glow discharge, active substances such as ultraviolet ray, ozone, active oxygen, hydrogen and oxygen free radicals can be released. On the one hand, it directly participates in disinfection, and on the other hand, it reacts with some substances in the air, which turns harmful substances into harmless substances, such as formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, etc.

Product Features

• Man machine coexistence: the machine can be started for disinfection under manned condition, and the air can be disinfected dynamically while working. It has no impact on people, equipment and the environment.

• The product integrates disinfection and purification, and has the efficacy of sterilization and decomposition of harmful gases.

• The core component is the plasma generator, which has a long service life.

• Wall mounted fan motor adopts DC brushless motor, with large air volume and low noise.

• Safe and reliable, with fault alarm function for main components:  
    ① Alarm when the plasma generator does not work to ensure the disinfection effect (the alarm information will remind the user on the display)
    ② Open circuit, short circuit and abnormal discharge protection of plasma generator to prevent safety accidents;
    ③ It has the function of accumulated time of the whole machine and the function of cleaning and maintenance reminder.

• Intelligent control: It has three preset time periods, automatic startup and shutdown functions, and can automatically cycle every day and power down memory (also can be manually operated).

• High, medium and low wind speeds can be adjusted, and user set values can be memorized.

• With activated carbon and ozone removal net to remove ozone and odor.

• Beautiful appearance, complete variety, smooth and clean shell surface, convenient for daily cleaning and maintenance, saving time and labor.

• Touch control panel, large screen display, program control, remote control, and manual control.

Scope of Application

Catering industry, pharmaceutical factory, school, public place

Hospital: operating room, supply room, preparation room, pharmacy, treatment room, ICU room and other Class II and dish environments

Blood station: blood collection room, sterile room, blood bank, etc

Food and beverage factory, pharmaceutical factory: production workshop, warehouse, buffer room, locker room, laboratory, workshop, etc

Breeding plant: indoor chicken breeding plant, animal breeding plant, aseptic inoculation, cultivation, etc

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