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Upper flatted UV air disinfector / Wall type /


Product Introduction

Juguang series upper layer flat ultraviolet air disinfector is a new type of ultraviolet compound air disinfection equipment developed by our company. It is a professional comprehensive medical air disinfector integrating dynamic ultraviolet upper layer disinfection and efficient and rapid disinfection of circulating air (with or without circulating air).

Product Features

[ Innovation ]: High energy ultraviolet upper level horizontal sterilization plus circulating air rapid active and passive disinfection, dynamic and static dual mode operation, wide application, fast and efficient!

[ High efficiency ]: Original wind and light circulation in the same direction, UV sterilization dose doubled, high efficiency and rapid sterilization, reaching the standard in 15 minutes!

[ Safety ]:

No circulating air sterilization can reduce the spread of bacteria, eliminate cross infection, and provide security for medical staff!

Far infrared safety monitoring, when the personnel height exceeds 2.1 meters (upper sterilization area), the machine will automatically alarm and turn off the ultraviolet light!

The built-in ultraviolet radiation illuminance tester can conduct real-time monitoring and display.

[ Mute ]: When there is no circulating air, the static ultraviolet upper layer is sterilized by flat radiation, and the sound is super quiet.

Scope of Application

• It is especially suitable for wards and corridors with high risk of human tuberculosis infection;

• The rapid disinfection function is more suitable for key disinfection spaces such as operating rooms and ICU wards;

• The circulating air disinfection is also applicable to the disinfection of outpatient halls, general wards and consulting rooms.

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