X-rayfilm observation lamp

It is an ideal film viewing device with accurate film reading and convenient operation.

X-rayfilm observation lamp /


Product Introduction

The ultra-thin high brightness LED observation lamp is suitable for observing X-ray films of various specifications and sizes. It is especially suitable for X-ray films requiring high brightness. The observation lamp absorbs the advantages of similar domestic products, and its unique ultra-thin design can make rational use of space when hanging on the wall. Stable performance, uniform light, no glare, long time use will not cause eye fatigue. It is an ideal film viewing device with accurate film reading and convenient operation.

Product Features

This product adopts the current advanced LCD TV LED backlight technology and multi-layer composite optical structure design. It has the advantages of high brightness, uniform light emission, large adjustable range, etc. It can greatly improve the quality of the display screen and is suitable for observing various films under different conditions.

The light-emitting body of the lamp box adopts LED without lead and mercury, which avoids the disadvantages of high voltage excitation of traditional lamps and mercury containing polluting materials. It has the characteristics of low working voltage, energy conservation and environmental protection, and long service life. In addition, it avoids the visual fatigue caused by the stroboscopic of traditional fluorescent lamps. The box body has a unique ultra-thin appearance, and the surface frame design combined with aluminum and plastic is adopted, so the color matching is more generous. The observation screen and optical path are made of high-quality acrylic plates.

The observation screen clip device is designed dexterously, and it is easier to take the clip. It is more suitable for viewing medical films. The color temperature of the light source is 9500K, and the area light source designed with dot matrix light guide technology and diffusion effect makes the light evenly distributed on the observation screen. The light is not dazzling, the film viewing is clearer, the light transmission is more uniform, and the film image is more realistic.

Model A observation lamp with dimming function has 9-gear dimming, which can be adjusted according to the user's needs by pressing the up and down dimming arrows.

Model A observation lamp is equipped with screensaver function. After 30 minutes of turning on the film viewing lamp, it will automatically enter the screensaver state. Press any key to wake up.

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