Ozone air disinfector

Juguang series ozone air disinfectors use the strong oxidation of ozone to disinfect the air.

Ozone air disinfector /


Product Introduction

Juguang series ozone air disinfector consists of a tubular ozone generator as the core component. When the disinfector is working, the ozone generator uses air as the raw material to produce high concentration ozone, and uses the strong oxidation of ozone to disinfect the air. After disinfection, ozone will automatically decompose into oxygen, which is more environmentally friendly and economical than other treatment methods.

Product Features

• Adopt new ozone generation technology, with large ozone generation and wide disinfection range;

• It can disinfect the air and has a certain disinfection effect on the surface of objects;

• After disinfection, it is automatically reduced to oxygen without residue and side effect;

• Forced air convection to shorten disinfection time;

• Digital display program control timing, infrared remote control operation;

• Automatic recording of accumulated working hours;

• Ozone fault ala rm pr ompt function.

【Warning】 Ozone is harmful to human body, and personnel are not allowed to enter during disinfection; When the sterilizer is working, the doors and windows must be closed, and the personnel must leave the room.

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