UV lamp tube series

Ultraviolet germicidal lamp can effectively produce a large number of ultraviolet rays with germicidal effect: 253.7nm (ozone free type) and 185nm (ozone type). Quartz glass with high transmittance to UVC is used.

UV lamp tube series /

Model:Mercury lamp


High efficacy: emits ultraviolet radiation with a peak of 253.7nm for efficient sterilization.

Wide application range: The unique amalgam process of Juguang can ensure that the sterilization lamp can stably output high ultraviolet intensity in a temperature environment of 4-60 ℃.

Long lifespan: The special coating design has a longer lifespan than ordinary lamp tubes.

Easy installation: Mercury lamp can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Environmental protection: Mercury lamps contain the minimum amount of mercury.

Stable UV output: able to maintain 80% UV intensity.

Can be customized or customer specified.

The same amount of water treatment and the use of fewer light tubes greatly reduce the operating costs of initial installation and later maintenance.

【 Main application scope 】:

Urban drinking water treatment;

Sewage and wastewater treatment;

Water treatment process, ultra pure water treatment, and other measures to reduce organic matter content (ozone lamp);

Purified water, swimming pool water, ballast water, fish farming water, etc.

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