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Ultraviolet air purifying sterilizer / Movable type /


Product Introduction

Ultraviolet disinfection is the use of C-band ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 253.7nm to destroy the molecular structure of DNA and RNA in microbial cells and cause microbial death, achieving the purpose of sterilization and disinfection. Ultraviolet disinfection is a physical method with no side effects.

The Juguang series ultraviolet air disinfector adopts this characteristic of ultraviolet disinfection, combining an air circulation system and a microcomputer control system. When the disinfector is working, the circulating air sucks in the contaminated air and flows through the disinfection area. After being fully illuminated by a high-strength ultraviolet lamp, it blows out. As the ultraviolet sterilization lamp is sealed in the disinfection room of the chassis, there is no ultraviolet leakage outside the chassis, and the high-strength ultraviolet lamp selected is of the ozone free type, Ozone concentration in the air during working hours<0.1mg/m ³, Dynamic disinfection can be carried out in the presence of people, achieving human-machine interaction. The built-in air filtration system of the sterilizer removes dust and bacteria from the air, prevents the spread of diseases, improves air quality, and protects the health of medical staff and patients.

Product Features

Human machine coexistence allows for continuous and dynamic disinfection of indoor air in the presence of people, without any harm to people or items;

When disinfecting, it is odorless, radiation free, and does not corrode equipment;

The machine is equipped with high-efficiency filter screens and activated carbon filter screens, which can remove harmful substances such as PM2.5, formaldehyde, TVOC, benzene, etc. from the air;

• Negative oxygen ion fresh air;

The wind speed can be adjusted in three levels: high, medium, and low, and can remember user set values;

Microcomputer program controlled timed automatic disinfection mode (6 preset time periods, with a minimum on/off time of 30 minutes);

Infrared remote control operation;

Digital Chinese display screen;

Automatic detection of UV faults;

• Automatic timed maintenance alarm;

Optional high-quality ballast, anti-interference metal shell, stable and reliable performance;

Ultra quiet volute fan;

• UV intensity display;

Select high-performance, odorless, and long-lasting ultraviolet sterilization lamps.

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